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Success Stories

  • Durga Rao | Customer Service, Hypercity, Manjeera Mall

    Durga Rao is from Krishna District, Mukut Village in Andhra Pradesh. He is unable to hear or speak since childhood. However, since a very young age he has been overcoming all the shortcomings with a determined attitude. He did his schooling from a normal govt. school in Machlipatnam. His teachers and friends were always by his side to help him. He cleared 10th in 2011 and worked in a printing press for 2 years at a meager salary of 2000/-. ReadMore...

  • Hari Babu| Packaging Dept.,Mana Food Products

    The youngest of five siblings, Hari was a normal, physically active boy. Since he had not been vaccinated, Hari suffered a crippling paralysis caused by the polio virus at age six, which weakened his left hand and leg. He had to go to school in a wheelchair, and when his parents took him to the Ruya Hospital in Tirupati,...ReadMore...

  • Pradeep Reddy | Cafe Coffee Day

    Pradeep hails from Mahaboobnagar, which is approximately a hundred kilometers from Hyderabad. Both his mother and father work as farmers in the district. He has an elder brother and sister, and is the only member in his family with a hearing disability.ReadMore...

  • Saidulu | Max

    Saidulu hails from Khammam district in Telangana, and was one of the older members from the disabled community to be trained by Youth4Jobs. When he was 3 years old, his mother and father got divorced. His father remarried and had two children from the second wife. Unhappy with the family and his treatment, he went to live with his mother,...ReadMore...

  • Rajeshwar Tode | Max

    Rajeshwar is from Adilabad and is the eldest of three brothers. His father is a farmer, and his mother is a housewife who also helps out in the fields. Rajeshwar was the only member in his family with a hearing disability, his brothers were all born normal. He went to a normal school till the fifth grade, and then to a special school for disabled. Intermediate and college was completed at the Hellen Keller Junior college, which his parents paid for. ReadMore...