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Success Stories

  • Anjeneyulu | Cashier at Hypercity

    “You can call me Anjy”, he says, with a broad grin on his face. Anjy is from Vikharabad, and he had never set foot in Hyderabad before his training at Youth4Jobs. The buildings, the fast moving traffic, buses that would not wait for him, people that looked at him with pity, others with curiosity or disdain. “I was very scared”, he admitted.ReadMore...

  • ASRKLV Prasad Babu | Lifestyle

    Prasad Babu cannot hear or speak, and when I ask him his name he proudly shows me his Lifestyle badge. He joined the company less than a month ago after finishing his training at Youth4Jobs, and the only thing that distinguishes him from the rest of the employees there is the sign on his shirt that says ‘I Understand Only Sign Language’..ReadMore...

  • Mohd. Rafi | Hindi Language Trainer | Tata Business Support Services

    "Hi, I’m Ayesha"
    "Hello. I’m Mohd. Rafi"
    "Mohd. Rafi! Like the singer! Do you also sing?"
    Shy smile. “Yes, maybe there’s some truth about a name that instill qualities like the namesake in you." ReadMore...

  • N. Rajender | Sales Executive, Max Lifestyle, Inorbit Mall

    They say hardwork and perseverance are the most important traits of any successful person. Trite, yet true in every walk of life, especially for Rajender here. ReadMore...

  • Srinivas | Foreground Analyst, Thomson Reuters

    Srinivas hails from Ongol, and has been staying in Hyderabad since 2012. A calm and smiling young man who commands a respectable position as a Foreground Analyst at Thomson Reuters, he clearly demonstrates that with enough hard-work and determination, all roadblocks in the path of success can be easily brushed aside. ReadMore...