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Success Stories

  • Manjula and Sravani (cousins) | Max

    Manjula was born to normal parents, and was one of four siblings in her family, all of whom and hear and speak. Since none of her brothers and sisters were hearing impaired, they did not communicate with her in the standard sign language, but had their own sign language to communicate. This later on, was to cause a lot of difficulty, because future employers were only trained in standard sign language, which she had to learn from scratch in school.ReadMore...

  • Antony Roy | Cafe Coffee Day

    Antony is around 6 feet tall, and meets me in his red Cafe Coffee Day uniform, his white badge proudly displaying his name. Antony has been working for a few months here, but getting here wasn’t easy. It took a lot of counseling and convincing from the Youth4Jobs team to get Antony to leave the comforts of his home and work at CCD.ReadMore...

  • Anjaneyulu | Hypercity

    Anjaneyulu is 25 years old and from Vikharabad. He was the only child of his parents, and when he went to school, he was teased because of the way he walked. Not just his classmates, but people in his village would comment on his gait, his prospects, and how unlucky his parents were to have a disabled child. He could sense how bad his parents felt about his disability too, their only son, who is usually expected to take care of his parents, being taken care of instead. ReadMore...