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Harmony Magazine - Meera Shenoy interview

22 September 2015: Meera was covered under the SPEAK section of the September 2015, 4th issue - which covers senior citizens making a positive mark on society.

Harmony Initiative for Senior Citizens or 'silver citizens' is launched under the auspices of the Dhirubhai Ambani Memorial Trust. It is Tina Ambani’s initiative. They release a magazine for the elderly titled Harmony — Celebrate Age.

The Harmony for Silvers Foundation, founded in 2004 by Tina Anil Ambani, is a non-government organisation working to enhance the quality of life of the elderly in India. It envisages India’s elderly as ‘Silver Citizens’—glowing and proud. Harmony’s mission is to create an environment where silvers, irrespective of their cultural beliefs, can retain their dignity, self-respect, pride and self-confidence.

Harmony - Celebrate Age, launched in June 2004, is India’s only lifestyle and empowerment publication for silvers. Though aimed at readers over 55, it is a great read for the entire family.

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