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New Training center for Visually Impaired

Youth4Jobs coaching classes for the visual impaired:

India has the largest number of visual impaired and most of them live in unreached villages. Since there is a reservation for government jobs for the disabled, the youth keep attempting these jobs but fail several times . The reasons are lack of English, computer skills etc. Youth4Jobs has begun coaching classes for the visual impaired to improve their chances of getting into a job they aspire for and live independently in the city.


The specially qualified trainers are visually impaired themselves, thus understanding well the special needs of the trainees.



To fulfil their aspirations of getting into government jobs where there is a reservation for persons with disability.

To make the students with visual impairment live independently in cities (navigate independently on roads, bus stops; book train tickets online and open bank accounts)

To enable them to communicate in English and  work with computers


3 months full day course with  free -of- cost residential  Training


 About  Visual Impaired Training Program

The program includes computer Training, Mobility, Communication Skills, Life Skills, Employability, working with Internet like Net Banking, Using IRCTC website with the help of Railway ID Cards

i.Ms Office Automation:

This course includes Introduction to computers, Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Point and Internet concepts with the help of Screen Readers like JAWS (Jobs Access with Speech), NVDS (Non Visual Desktop Access)   

Ii  Mobility

This course includes Importance of Mobility, important of White Cain, Travelling Independently getting into the bus stops and Boarding the stops without cited assistance.

iii.Communicative English:  This course contain the following topics

  • Grammar and Spelling,
  • Use of English in the present context,
  • Effective communication Skills and Interview Skills, Pronunciation.


iv. Life skills & Soft skills

Along with technical skills , the Visually Challenged youth are trained on Life Skills like Daily Life and Time Management, Money Management, Team Work, Leadership Skills, How to be responsible etc.,


Youth4Jobs Facilities

  • VI Friendly Computer LAB and Infrastructure with software like Jaws and NVDA
  • Access to reading material and books for the Visual Impaired, through Daisy forum membership
  • Free Boarding & Lodging
  • After completion of Successful training program facilitation to get Government Certification through SBTET Assessment.

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