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Amol Santosh Sukatkar | Ahmednagar Centre

Amol is partially blind which makes daily life difficult for him. His father runs a small shop while his mother is a housewife. His father is the sole earner of the family supporting his family of 5, which included Amol and his younger brother and sister, with an annual income of almost Rs. 60,000/-.
It was very difficult for Amol to get along with other students as they mocked him daily for his disability. Amol was disheartened and felt himself to be inferior to others due to his disability. Once Amol accepted his disability and that it was something anybody could not change, it renewed his resolve to face any challenges that came his way. Amol was able to study upto the 12th standard with great difficulty as he couldn't see well, especially from a distance. During his schooling Amol helped his father by working at the shop.
Amol came to know about Youth4Jobs through Alumni from the first batch of Youth4Jobs who advised Amol to enrol into the Ahmednagar center. Amol aspired to more in life and so without a second thought enrolled into the center. Here Amol was trained in English, Computers, Grooming and Retail after which he was shortlisted to appear for interview with Central Mall, Pune.
Amol cracked the interview and was hired as a Salesman at the Central Mall located near Garware College, Karve Road, Pune. Initially the employers as well as Amol's family were not confident whether Amol would be able to do a good job but with his positive attitude he was able to bring confidence in his superiors and family about his abilities. Amol's family was worried about sending him to Pune due to his disability, but Amol was able to convince them that he had a plan for his life and that this would help him and his family. Amol wants to us his experience working in the mall learning techniques of selling, customer handling and marketing which he wants to apply to his father's shop thereby increasing and expanding his father's shop. His family were amazed to hear of the depth of thought given to his ambitions and are very happy to see Amol working at Central Mall in Pune.
Amol's family is very happy that he is living an independent life in Pune and supporting his family. His proud parents talk very positively about Amol and the efforts of Y4J. Earlier, due to the low income from the shop, it was very difficult to meet the needs of the family. Even the thought of developing and expanding the shop was unthinkable, but now there is a ray of hope thanks to the vision shown by Amol and the support of Y4J. His parents specially visited the center and rendered their gratitude towards Y4J, proudly telling of the changes they have observed in their son: That Amol has now developed a very positive sense of style, behaviour and attitude, a huge change from when he working in his father's shop.