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Youth4Jobs has adopted government schools for children with disability and introduced a customized curriculum that would ensure that the children completing their X grade are better prepared for higher education and future employment. For the development of children with disabilities, Y4J Schools supplement education and classroom instruction with physical, social, and emotional learning interventions. The project believes in enabling every child we work with to find their inner voice - a voice that fetches them confidence and self-worth. The project also pays attention to provide children with opportunities to become self-aware and independent thinkers and doers, thus nurturing perspective, knowledge, and opportunities tailored individually for each child. Our vision is to enable these children to join college after school to pursue higher education and become contributors to the society and economy at large. The exposure and various learning opportunities from the school-level projects will strengthen essential 21st-century skills, thus laying the foundation for students with disabilities to develop inherent potential and help them build a career based on their aspirations and the market requirements.



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