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V Nagajanani | Synchrony International Services Pvt. Ltd

Nagajanani was born with speech and hearing impairment She did her schooling from a special where she exceled in her studies and extracurricular activities. She maintained her top rankings throughout her schooling.
Though she was outstanding in her studies and extra-curricular, she could never move freely with other people. She was restricted to having friends with people who were also hearing impaired.
After her schooling Nagajanani pursued her Bachelor's in Computer Application. Her family was apprehensive of sending her as it wasn't a special college. But Nagajanani wanted to break her barriers and befriend people from the outside world.
She was the only girl with disability in her class and there was no sign language interpreter for her. She followed her classwork by lip reading, seeking help from her teachers and lots of self-study. It was an extremely difficult experience for Nagajanani to manage. But she persevered and once again passed her graduation in the top bracket.
The real test came at the time of campus placement. She would always clear the aptitude tests but would get turned down in the interviews citing her hearing impairment. The constant rejections based on her hearing impairment had begun to demoralise her. Her morale further fell when her college placement cell themselves were unable to place her using their personal connections because of her disability.
It was at that time, her teachers and the college placement cell came in touch with Youth4Jobs. They requested Youth4Jobs to help Nagajanani get a job she deserved and worked so hard for. Through Youth4Jobs, Nagajanani was placed at Synchrony International Services Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad. There were five levels of interviews that she cleared one by one.