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Ram Rajendra Korde | Ahmednagar Centre

Ram is very hardworking, polite and determined. He comes from Wakodi Village, 15km from Ahmednagar city. He contracted polio when he was very young that left both his legs unusable. He never let his disability get in his way though, always pursuing education and employment. His Father, now retired, was the sole breadwinner of the family, while his mother is a housewife. Ram's family consists of his parents and two elder brothers. The brothers are working and together support the family with their combined annual income of less than Rs. 50,000/-.
Mobility for Ram is extremely difficult due to his disability. It's also difficult for Ram to use public transport and even climb stairs. Yet despite his difficulties and hailing from a rural area Ram completed his schooling and went on to earn his graduate degree in B.Sc. (Computer Science). Ram earned an additional diploma in Motor Calibration. On completion of his graduation Ram was very eager to get a job just like every other student that passes through college. However unlike every other student Ram was rejected from appearing for interviews purely because of his disability. He continued to hunt for jobs at many places but could not succeed. The employers never bothered to look at his Abilities beyond his physical disability. The constant rejection and being jobless made Ram very demotivated.
Ram learned about Youth4Jobs' Placement-Linked Training program through Ads in the local newspaper as well as stickers pasted inside State Transport buses. Having no any other alternative, Ram enrolled into the batch. During training it was observed that Ram was very eager learn new things and was very participative. Ram successfully completed his 2 months' training wherein he also took the initiative of teaching Computers to other candidates.
Ram's pleasant demeanor, etiquettes and polite manners helped him during the interview at Akash Precision Pvt. Ltd. Where he was hired as a Machine Operator with an annual salary of nearly Rs. 90,000/-, which is significantly higher than both his brothers' incomes combined. Starting off as a trainee, his supervisors were wary of his disability and had doubts whether he would be able to work comfortably, but looking at his performance his superiors are now very happy with Ram, giving him higher responsibilities and taking part in company meetings. His colleagues and supervisors are immensely happy with his inputs and initiatives.
The environment at his home has also changed drastically at his home where he is no longer is looked at as an unemployed burden and is treated with great respect.