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  • Feb 2020
    Youth4Jobs Online

    An innovative solution to cope with COVID-19. The Training Curriculum was modified to be taught online through videos and live classrooms.The curriculum comprises of

    • English (reading, writing, and vocabulary)
    • Mathematics and Reasoning Skills
    • Soft Skills Training
    • IT Skills Training (Fundamentals of Coding, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Nodejs)

    498 youth with disabilities with less education and 85 educated youth with disabilities enrolled in 60 batches pan India.The Youth4jobs team tested various LMS and online communication tools, to understand their accessibility and feasibility to be used in the Online training program. The team had to keep in mind that most of our candidates are from rural backgrounds, with entry-level educational qualifications and having little to moderate levels of Digital literacy. There was creativity among the teams in their choice of digital tools. Some chose google hangout and zoom; others used google classroom and Facebook private.

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