Corporate Connect under Youth4Jobs is a major initiative to help corporates create work opportunities for persons with disabilities. The main purpose of this program is to sensitize the corporates and its employees on working with colleagues with disabilities. It works closely with the companies, rendering a bouquet of services, to help them begin or strengthen their inclusion journey. This scale and availability of a hitherto untapped labour pool makes it attractive for companies with national presence to partner with Y4J. Working closely with 1000+ companies to build a more inclusive workforce with enabling environment for people with disabilities to succeed, Youth4Jobs provides end- to- end solutions to companies in hiring persons with disabilities. Youth4Jobs co-creates pioneering solutions and an inclusive workplace for its corporate stakeholders and is one of Harvard’s successful and celebrated business case publications.

Services we offer to our clients

Accessibility Audit

The Accessibility Audit is done to appraise defined areas of the existing buildings/campus to access the extent of accessibility to services and facilities and propose the extent of modifications or corrections required to improve the current facilities in compliance with the legislation. The audit takes into account the needs of people with mobility impairments (including wheelchair users) and sensory impairments. This exercise will identify the physical barriers to access against pre-determined criteria and should be treated as the starting point of an ongoing access plan, constantly updated by the committee / the Government.

Role Mapping

Disability-wise resource capability mapping for the business function the in-depth analysis of the roles, includes the following process-

Primary data Analysis-Receiving and understanding of the Job Descriptions

Secondary data analysis– Understanding of the business functions through interactions with the business heads and role holders

Expert analysis & research– Role mapping matrix, job crafting, adaptive workplace recommendations

Sensitization Workshop

People especially colleagues, supervisors, managers who come in direct contact with the PwD employees at the workplace are the biggest enablers/disablers for inclusion in the workforce. Sensitization for them becomes an important agenda in inclusive hiring initiatives. Once they are sensitized and understand the value proposition with the PwD, it leads to successful inclusion and long-term benefits to them and the company

Workshop on Assistive technology

The Y4J IT team orients/demonstrates useful assistive technology that can be adopted at the workplace for PWDs

Assistive technology helps in ensuring the productivity of the disabled youth hired.

AT allows people with disabilities to work more independently. It gives a clear understanding on various assistive tools available in the market for successful inclusion of PWDs at the workplace

Corporate Connect - Interacting to the JP Morgan Employees


Corporate Connect


Most companies need support to onboard youth with disabilities and ensure they benefit from hiring this new labour pool. Youth4Jobs works with companies at multiple levels, based on its hands-on experience of working with youth with disabilities and assessing needs of companies. The services have been designed based on requests of companies and fine-tuned with feedback received in the various sessions. Youth4Jobs’ team, “Corporate Connect” is dedicated to building partnerships with companies and delivering our services.


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