WEDO: Women Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

About WEDO

Introducing WEDO, our pioneering global initiative committed to forging pathways and unlocking opportunities for women entrepreneurs with disabilities. These women face unique challenges of negative attitudes around disability, besides mobility and access constraints. Our groundbreaking endeavour is driven by the mission to break existing barriers and establish a nurturing and inclusive ecosystem. With the right support, these women can overcome their unique disability challenges to build businesses and inspire others on their entrepreneurial journey.

The first booklet of women entrepreneurs with disabilities from India was just released in the Zero project conference at UN headquarters in Vienna.

Book cover - Invisible to Visible - Women entrepreneurs with Disability - Stories from India a person is silhouetted in front of a bright light
WE-Do: Women Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Our Approach

WE-Do takes a comprehensive approach, aiming to shape perspectives, break down stereotypes, and cultivate an inclusive atmosphere for women entrepreneurs with disabilities. Thus the often neglected intersectional issues get addressed. Against this strong backdrop of women entrepreneurs with disabilities in India,  a global alliance will be forged.

Solution Areas/Initiatives

WE-Do: Women Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
  1. Broaden government initiatives to meet capital requirements.
  2. Introduce an 'Ease of Doing Business Support' through a streamlined 'Single Window System.'
  3. Identify and cultivate fresh funding opportunities.
  1. Establish a comprehensive directory of specialised programs for women entrepreneurs.
  2. Develop inclusive toolkits tailored for incubators and accelerators.
  1. Collaborate with stakeholders to implement customised interventions.
  2. Partner with investors to provide patient and catalytic capital.
  3. Form global alliances to facilitate knowledge exchange.
  1. Roll out a communication module to drive mindset change.
  2. Conduct a dipstick study on the accessibility of incubators.
  3. Launch a dedicated cohort for women entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Get Involved

WEDo is not just an initiative; it’s a movement that invites you to be part of a transformative journey. Join us in creating a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, policymaker, investor, or advocate, your contribution matters.

  • Apply to Be a Partner Organisation: If your organisation works in the gender and enterprise space, we would love to partner with you as we co create and test this thesis. 
  • If you are a woman entrepreneur with a disability: We want to work with you and support your journey in multiple ways. 
  • Fund WEDO – If you are a funder, your support can help us continue to provide valuable resources and opportunities to women entrepreneurs with disabilities through programs, pilots, partnerships and vital research. 

Contact us: For more information, partnership inquiries, or to get involved, please reach out to our team..

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